3.2 – 7.2. 2013

Winter Workshop for Students

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Sol-gel Nanomaterials

NANOFUTURE Winter Workshop is first time attempt to establish an education, discussion and contact platform for young researchers working in the strongly growing field of Nanomaterials. NANOFUTURE is being held as a first, week-long Winter Workshop in Europe.

The idea behind NANOFUTURE is to bring together Europe’s bright young (future) scientists, coming from all imaginable fields of expertise related to Nanomaterials, to learn from selected tutors and from each other in a relaxed atmosphere. NANOFUTURE covers all the different fields and applications of Nanomaterials and related fields and provides a platform to exchange ideas and experiences, while having a good time.

The social effect of NANOFUTURE is to meet new people of around your age working in related scientific fields. Many of these contacts last on after the end of the course, forming a very special European Nanomaterials Network.