IOS continually develops new nanomaterials and nanotechnologies with the aim of aiding the development and study of technologically intriguing inorganic (metal and non-metal) oxide materials with specific physical properties arising from structural and chemical phenomena on the nanostructural and atomic level. We do this by performing tests and analyses of the crystal structure, phase composition and chemical composition, morphology and microstructural properties of the materials.

The aims of this research are to improve the properties of the materials that enable the development of modern applications, the miniaturisation of existing systems, more efficient energy conversion and the development of environment-friendly technologies and new medical approaches (magnetic hyperthermia; drug delivery systems).

We offer new technologically intriguing materials, such as:

  • magnetic nanomaterials, magnetic fluids and colloidal systems,
  • semiconductors and ceramic materials based on ZnO, Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2, quantum-dots,
  • nanocomposites and multifunctional materials with catalytic properties,
  • organic-inorganic hybrid materials with adapted surface properties,
  • special materials for high temperature sensors,
  • materials for antibacterial protection.

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